This story follows the lives of two teenagers from the Midwest, MAX and MAGGIE, the town misfits. Physically and socially they are total opposites. Maggie is a gifted high school runner from a dysfunctional family (mother is suicidal and father is a drunk) and Max is a shy boy with a clubfoot who hails from one of the town's most respected families (father is the pastor of the local church). In spite of their differences and perhaps because of them, the two outcasts grow to become best friends, and all through school they help each other over the rough spots and lend a shoulder to cry on when needed. Eventually the relationship between Max and Maggie develops into love, and as far as Max and Maggie are concerned life couldn't get any better. Maggie receives a track scholarship to college and Max has the girl of his dreams. But things have a way of changing. Before Maggie goes away to school, she is summoned to Max's father's office for a talk. It is during this talk with, PASTOR GIBBS, that deep dark secrets are learned and Max and Maggie's lives are turned upside down.
Curry In Love
Romantic comedy

Synopsis: Two months from now a marriage arranged fifteen years ago will take place.  Two people worlds apart on one planet. Sangeetha a first generation Indian immigrant living in cheese and beer state of Wisconsin, is prepared to honor traditional heritage and do as she told. Siva a Hollywood star struck modern Indian living with his mother in New Delhi, has no intension of getting married, especially his cousin. He's driven by a promise made to Mother Earth; produce movies that educate people about the environmental damage happening on the planet. As a conduit between the natural and supernatural, Siva has unique insight that can communicate to how to live in harmony with the environment. Dreams of Hollywood could be realized, with an all expensed paid trip to America, if he can just play along with the arranged marriage. After setting foot in America, his fast train to bright light, big city are quickly derailed when coming face to face with everyone that will be hurt if he does not marry, yet he partially confesses to his Uncle. Hurt is not in Krishna's vocabulary, but infuriated is. Siva is banished from Uncle Krishna home and restaurant and sentenced to do hard labor, cleaning out a recently purchased property. A curious neighbor Britney helps him clean the dilapidated house which ignites a chain of events that unite two people in search of one spirit. Ghost Galen, a tormented Vietnam veteran, is stuck inside the house and cannot move on to his next life.  The downside of Siva's "conduit" status is his vulnerability to ghost attacks. Galen takes advantage of this disposition by regularly practicing his commando training on Siva as punishment for throwing his stuff out. As Siva and Britney clean out the house, they perform Indian rituals, have unexpected house guests including a guru, a cow, Siva's mother from India , as well as other nosy neighbors. Collectively, they piece together the life of a man using only what belongings he has left behind. Galen's spirit guides them to a place where random meets purpose, healing replaces pain, and truth finds love.